Did Your Mother Have an Abortion?

February 25, 2014

I’m guessing if you’re reading this article, then no, your mother didn’t have an abortion. At least, not with you in the womb.

In 1973 the world as I knew it then, came to an end. When the courts heard and ruled on Roe V Wade, LIFE as we knew it, came to an end.

Life, something so precious, or so I had been told numerous times, was determinably valued at nothing until it’s supposed viability outside the womb before term. My socially conservative self has always believed in the value of life, and I’ve always valued the contributions life has afforded this world.

Now, I will admit, and I’m not going to be one of these extremists, but I do struggle with the fact that there are abortion issues that aren’t as simple as black and white, especially as most are concerned, but then again maybe it is that simple. I don’t know how you take into account rape and incest so don’t even think about bringing that up at this point. Do you say it’s okay to have an abortion “only” in those instances? My own accounts of the world and how manipulative people can be, can only imagine the instances of reporting rape and incest would skyrocket if abortion were made legal only under those circumstances, but I digress.

Yes, my issue is abortion, or more to the point, the decision to have an abortion. To me, it’s not about whether the woman has the right to do what she wants with her body, but rather whether or not the living being inside of her is given it’s due process and consideration and it’s right to be born. It’s peculiar to me that if a woman is pregnant, and she is killed, there have been instances where the offending person was charged with double homicide or manslaughter. California for instance, is one of 29 states with so-called fetal homicide laws and yet, we assume no pretense or malice if the woman takes that life on her own choosing and terms. So explain to me the logic of how one doesn’t set precedence for the other? Is it a matter of convenience? Or, would you say it’s a matter of hypocrisy?

If you want to talk about convenience vs hypocrisy, then I wish Roe V Wade had been legal long before it actually was. Why you ask? Perhaps some of the politicians we have in office would have been the victims of the aforementioned legislation. Maybe their mother’s would have chosen not to have them. I know I would have chosen that option had I been given the opportunity and had no morals about life. Matter-of-fact, there are several persons in Congress this legislation could have affected. Oh wait, they were most likely already born! So how is it we’ll put the economy of this country in jeopardy by hindering or inconveniencing human beings for the sake of a minnow or algae or God knows what with EPA regulations, and yet we think nothing of allowing the selective execution of an unborn child? Why don’t we just convince the woman to commit suicide? Does that make it any worse? I guess the point that bothers me is something that is prevalent in our society. Simply put, the mindless narcissism of people believing they can’t be bothered or inconvenienced by something that is of their own doing in the first place. Why couldn’t the guy wear a condom? Why couldn’t she have taken birth control pills, or worn a diaphragm? Where is the responsibility and accountability in all this? It’s unconscionable people feel resolute about thinking everyone else should be responsible for them instead of themselves, or the government should be responsible for that person, and yet feel no obligation of self-reliance and accountability for their own actions.

Okay, I had a point to make, but I also have an observation to make. Laws in the future that favor abortion are most likely going to be written by people whose mother didn’t exercise her “right” to have an abortion. Granted, pro-life advocates are guilty of the same thing. However, here’s an exercise for you to do. Ask anyone in favor of pro-choice if they asked the fetus what it thought. Also, ask that person “would they have been in favor of their mother exercising her right to have an abortion when that person was in the womb?” Now, don’t let them say, “well, it wasn’t legal then.” All that aside, if it had been legal, would they have been in favor of it?  Simple answer, yes or no. Granted, pro-lifers are guilty of not being able to ask an unborn child either, but at least we can ask them what they think about it AFTER they are born.


Republicans Are Dead or Extinct

July 8, 2013

Yes, the subject line says it all. The Republican Party as we knew it as little as 15 or 20 years ago, is dead. Here’s the problem though, no one is going to tell you they are dead, or they no longer exist. The cretins on capitol hill will try to convince you they are still valid, and the tea party is a bunch of radical right-wing extremists. Guess what? They aren’t. The Tea Party IS what the Republican Party USED to be!

My realization started during the presidential elections for 2008. The republicans threw that election. You don’t think so? Well, let me enlighten you and you tell me if I’m wrong. Don’t forget though, if you tell me I’m wrong, you have to tell me why. Several decent candidates were running, and while they weren’t the best, they were still a better alternative than any democrat on the ticket. At least that’s what I, and may others, thought. So McCain comes out of the primary election as the candidate of choice. I didn’t vote for him in the primary. He just didn’t seem to be the steadfast republican he should be. Then he selects Sarah Palin. What? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against any woman becoming VP or Prez of the good ol’ U.S. of A., but really? Poor ol’ Sarah was simply not the right choice at the right time. It was like the Republican party said, “watch this”, we’ll select a candidate that will insure the Republican party doesn’t win the election. Well, guess what………it worked.

Advance another 4 years to the election for 2012. Big O and his congress pissed off a bunch of Americans by shoving the Affordable Health Care Act down our throats and ran up an almost insurmountable debt. Romney won the primary for the Grand Old Party. Guess what? He came out on the first presidential debate, and quite simply, kicked Obama’s ass! No doubt Obama’s coaches are telling him afterwards, “we have to work on you being more forceful, more presidential.” Second debate was more even. Obama turned it up and Romney backed off being as aggressive, for some reason. Then comes the the third debate.  Romney might as well not have even been there. He rolled over like a crocodile having his stomach rubbed. Romney was absolutely inept and impotent. Someone told him, or he made the decision, to not challenge POTUS at all, on anything. Now tell me something…..TELL ME I’M WRONG!!!!!

Now we have “experts” telling the Repubs they have to compromise if they want the black and latino vote. They need to understand their plight and be more accommodating. Guess what, look back in your history and one of the reasons the Republican party was founded was the fight against slavery, they didn’t want slavery around and the Dems did!

Here’s one for ya. Democrats couldn’t keep slavery around, so they formed unions. That way the white folk still didn’t have to work!!!!!! …………………….hhhhmmmmmmm………………I’ll bet that statement got your attention!!!!!

You know something? If I’ve pissed you off with my soapbox diatribe, now you know how I feel. If I’ve pissed you off, then you obviously read what I wrote. If I pissed you off, then you apparently and obviously think differently than I do.

Now is the time to fire all Republicans and take back our party. OUR party is full of nothing but RINO’s. In Oklahoma we fired one Republican House member and replaced him with another this last election. In another district, a democrat that was in office for several years decided not to run again and we voted in another republican. We’ll see how these two stack up in the coming year or so. We have one Senator, Dr. Tom Coburn that I feel is fairly competent and he will not run for another term. . We have another Senator, Jim Inhofe who is a career politician and needs to be sent home when his term is up.

I can’t iterate this enough, Do NOT be fooled by the RINO’s, do not be fooled by those calling themselves Republicans. Pay attention to the Tea Party, they are what the Republicans at one time stood for. The Republicans moved. The Republicans no longer live in your neighborhood. The Republicans moved to the other side of the tracks and now domicile with the Democrats.

Wake up America, your political landscape has changed, and it’s looking like the dead of winter. Why winter? Nothing grows well in Winter.


Father Patrick Douthitt, This man, this man of God

April 9, 2011

How do you express the impact one individual has had on your life? I grew up in the Baptist church, basically born in it, raised in it, baptized in it. Later, I realized the hypocrisy that was going on around me, and that was enough to, shall we say, burn me out on the Baptist religion. Later in life, I met my beautiful wife and she was an Episcopalian. We married in the Episcopal church and attended on occasion. In all honesty, my faith, as it related to religion, had not been restored. Again, some time later, a new Priest adorned the pulpit of the church. This man, this man of God, spoke to me when I sat in the pew. I started going to services more often, and it always seemed that he spoke directly to me more often than not.

Well, I started attending services on a weekly basis, for a while. Then one day, Father Pat came to me and said, why don’t you go through confirmation? I thought about it, not taking it lightly, and decided to go through the process of being confirmed in the Episcopal church. One thing lead to another, then the next thing I know I’m sitting on vestry. The next step was being appointed Senior Warden of the church. I never imagined becoming part of the church, let alone being a leader in the church. Patrick and I got along well, we had very similar conservative viewpoints.

One day, he and I were talking and I told him, “Patrick, I sit in this pew every Sunday because of you.” His response to me was, “No Michael, you sit in the pew because you want to be closer to God.” This man, this man of God, had profound impact on how I view and react to life. His presence in my life taught me to be more tolerant of man in some ways, and less tolerant in other ways. This man, this man of God, was one of the few men I’ve known that was truly devout, in his religion, his compassion and his life. This man, this man of God, touched so many people in so many ways.

Patrick retired in 2008 and went to work with hospice. Anyone that knew Patrick, also knew this was a calling for him. Shortly afterward he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, but his steadfast nature made him continue his work in hospice.

Patrick passed last Sunday on April 4th and tomorrow we pay homage to this man, this man of God.

This service will not be easy. It will be difficult to say goodbye. Patrick, I’m hoping your spirit will be there to tell me, “It’s going to be okay.”

Just a Start

August 8, 2009

Well, things finally got to the point that I had to do something to vent all my frustration. These days it’s not any one particular thing but rather a multitude of things and/or subjects that have been building over time. So, I’m going to try and sort out my topics and pick which ones have the most relevance based on level of frustration. Most likely this will be my frustrations with politics, religion and society. Not necessarily in that order, but then again maybe it will be.